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Boot WinXP Fast:

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Sticky Boot WinXP Fast:

Post by Denva on Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:25 pm

1] Open notepad.exe, type "del c:\windows\prefetch\ntosboot-*.* /q" (without the quotes) & save as "ntosboot.bat" in c:\
2] From the Start menu, select "Run..." & type "gpedit.msc".
3] Double click "Windows Settings" under "Computer Configuration" and double click again on "Shutdown" in the right window.
4] In the new window, click "add", "Browse", locate your "ntosboot.bat" file & click "Open".
5] Click "OK", "Apply" & "OK" once again to exit.
6] From the Start menu, select "Run..." & type "devmgmt.msc".
7] Double click on "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers"
8] Right click on "Primary IDE Channel" and select "Properties".
9] Select the "Advanced Settings" tab then on the device or 1 that doesn't have 'device type' greyed out select 'none' instead of 'autodetect' & click "OK".
10] Right click on "Secondary IDE channel", select "Properties" and repeat step 9.



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